Sjabbo Schaveling

Sjabbo Schaveling lives in Amsterdam, and already played his first instrument when he was six. Since then he has mastered many instruments, among which the recorder. Inspired by great examples like Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Queen, Bad Religion, Slowdive, Chopin, Beethoven, Chuck Berry, Ramses Shaffey, Nujabes, Moby, and many others, he has played in many ensembles since high school. Sjabbo’s passions include movies and documentaries, (eastern and western) philosophy, poetry and literature, painting, (board and card)games, (artificial) intelligence, humanity in general and his girlfriend specifically.

Together with his father, Sjabbo build the bands rehearsal room in his former sleeping room. Here, Mr Stone and the Black Dogs recorded its first demo’s and practices almost every week.